Mara De Girolamo
Creative Direction, Design and User Experience
I'm a creative and passionate visual designer with several years professional experience in web and print design.

I'm always looking for the opportunity to apply my skills and knowledge in user-experience, graphic design, web design, typography, branding, and marketing.

I'm currently working at CIBC Digital as a Visual Designer.
My skills
I have more than 8 years of experience in design and I've worked with various platforms in web and print.
Akendi Certified Experience Designer
Bachelor of Design from York/Sheridan Program in Design (YSDN)
Digital Media Certificate from OCAD U
Sketch, Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, and Invision. Intermediate knowledge of content management systems and basic html/css.

Selected works
Re-design of account product page
Problem to solve: Product was undergoing a rebrand and it needed to have an online presence. Content on the current page was written from a business perspective and not with the user in mind. There was no visual flow to the page.

Solution: Create a flow and story as the user scrolls down the page. Re-word the content in a positive way, highlighting benefits and features and an easy way to apply online. Visually, I incorporated the product campaign story with the playfulness of the line art and photography and the "movement" aspect of the product.
Moms & Money
App and Chatbot Concept
The baby websites that moms trust don't offer financial advice and planning. The gap is evident, it's going to continue to get wider, and no bank has yet to bridge the gap. Banks are at the core of financial expertise and parenting websites have the trust of moms. Our solution is to bring the two together.

Presenting, Mindy. She is a friendly chatbot. She lives on the trusted, creditable external sites that would-be parents are already visiting and engaging with. She is intuitive, and easy to use whether through touch or voice, and provides guidance on financially becoming prepared for building a family. And she is powered by the financial expertise of CIBC.

From providing tips on what costs may pop up, to helping mothers budget and connecting her with tools, she can build a relationship that is in the best interest of potential clients, adding value on a personalized level. Leveraging machine learning, she can anticipate individual needs, and is smart enough that if there is a need or interest in financial products, she can provide recommendations and connect them with ways to quickly acquire them through CIBCs mobile and web platforms.
CIBC Mortgage Re-design
Problem to solve: It was a challenge for users to navigate through the mortgage section of and find what they were looking for. It wasn't clear which page they were on and it was difficult to find relevant information, for example, if they were a first time home buyer.

Solution: Create and develop a "hub" where users can easily navigate, get information and read articles about mortgages. Whether they're a first time home buyer, or buying their next property, we created an easy navigation system and clean design so users can easily access relevant information.
Tools & Calculators Re-design
Problem to solve: The tools on the site haven't been updated for several years, so the quality of the design and user experience was very poor.

Solution: Create a step-by-step, story approach where users are guided through a complex calculator in a simple way. We updated the design so that it is modern, clean and easy to follow. This was a re-design of 8 tools on
Student Hub Re-design
Problem to solve: Student products were located in various places on the site which were not easy to find.

Solution: Create a "hub" where students can access information tailored to them. With videos, articles, and information on how to apply for products, they can find everything they're looking for all in one location.
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I'm always looking forward to new opportunities, collaborations and interesting projects, so contact me if you got any.

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